This new adaptation of the original Pinocchio story by Carlo Collodi, a 2 x 90 minutes mini series, combines life action with 3D animation – Pinocchio and his friend Coco, a cricket, are 3D animated characters. The story is set in the early 1900 ‘s and was shot almost entirely on set in Turkey.

Mario Adorf / Ulrich Tukur / Benjamin Sadler / Sandra Hüller / Florian Lukas / Inka Friedrich / Robert Beyer / Axel Neumann / Max Tuveri / Nicolais Borger / Arved Friese / Thomas Gimbel / Claudia Funke / Luca Zamperoni / Valentino Fortuzzi / Michelangelo Fortuzzi / Franscesco Leone / Ben Unterkofler / Marco Rudolph / Aaron Kissiov / Maelle Giovanetti / and the voice of Anke Engelke

Story by Alexandra Maxeiner
Screenplay by Anna Justice, Alexandra Maxeiner
Casting by Sabine Schwedthelm
Cinematography by Matthias Neumann
Music by Julian Maas, Christoph M. Kaiser
Film Editing by Ulrike Leipold
Production Design by Bertram Strauss
Animation Supervisor Alejandro Colls (B-Water Studios)
CGI Supervisor by Rolf Mütze (Gradient)
Costume Design by Lucia Faust
Make-Up Design by Claudia Busch
Produced by Michael Smeaton
Additional producers Anemone Müller, Frank Döhmann
Production company FFP New Media, WDR
Comissioning editors Brigitta Mühlenbeck, Dörte Hanke
Date 2013 Produced by ARD / FFP New Media Category TV mini series