The Film is based on the bestselling autobiography „Noch einmal lieben“ by Andrea Sixt.

When young fashion designer Andrea (Marie Zielcke) is diagnosed with fatal breast cancer, she is overwhelmed by fear. Although one of her breasts is removed, the doctors think she hasn‘t got much chance to survive the cancer in the long run. Her partner is unable to deal with this and their relationship falls apart. However, with the support of her friend Günes (Jasmin Tabatabai) Andrea begins to accept her fate as a chance for new beginnings and decides to overcome the cancer. She refuses chemotherapy against her doctor’s advice, in search of  alternative therapies. Fighting her fear of death, she also bravely faces the ever present sensation of not being whole anymore, feeling less feminine, and the worry of being less attractive to men.

Marie Zielcke / Jasmin Tabatabai / Steffen Groth / Ruth Reinicke / Hilmar Eichhorn / Ralph Misske / Steffen Schroeder / Dagmar Leesch / Wilfried Dziallas / Margarita Broich / Cem Sultan Ungan / Lilay Huser / Andrea L‘Arronge / Matthias Brenner / Ulrike von Lenski

Screenplay by Andrea Sixt, Anna Justice
Cinematography by Ngo The Chau
Film Editing by Uta Schmidt
Music by Christoph M. Kaiser & Julian Maas
Production Design by Andreas „Ebbi“ Olshausen
Costume Design by Beate Scheel
Makeup by Kerstin Gaecklein, Heiko Schmidt
Produced by Ewa Karlström
Production company SamFilm, SAT1

TV Film Festival Baden-Baden 2006
Nomination 3sat Audience Award 2006

Date 2005 Produced by Sat1 / SamFilm Category TV