Political thriller about the attack on a nuclear plant in France starring Florian Lukas, Vicky Krieps, Benjamin Sadler and many others.

German district attorney Marie Hofmann (Vicky Krieps) and French police inspector Jean-Luc Laboetie (Benjamin Sadler) are working on a case involving the murder of the head of security at the French nuclear plant Haut-Rhin, when an unknown men seizes control over the plant. The assassin (Florian Lukas) threatens to create a meltdown, should the French Minister of Energy fail to tell the inhabitants of bordering countries France, Germany and Switzerland the truth about the nuclear plant’s ailing condition. While the whole region is being held captive in the situation, Marie uncovers a conspiracy reaching to the very top of French politics, one that takes the French nuclear policy to the very foundation.

Florian Lukas / Vicky Krieps / Benjamin Sadler / Laurent Stocker / Peter Benedict / Georges Claisse / Jean-Christophe Nigon / Daniel Rohr / Ercan Durmaz / Hary Prinz / Christoph Moosbrugger / Jochen Haegele / Maria Hartmann / Jules Armana / Nico Rogner / Mickey Hard / Daan L. Liebman

Screenplay by Johannes Betz
Casting by Simone Bär
Cinematography by Adrian Cranage
Music by Julian Maas, Christoph M. Kaiser
Production Design by Jörg Baumgarten
Film Editing by Ulli Leipold, Hansjörg Weissbrich
Costume Design by Maximiliane Hermes
Produced by Alexandra Kordes, Meike Kordes
Production Company Kordes & Kordes Film
Co-produced by DOR Film DOR Film, ARTE, SWR, ARTE France, ARD Degeto, SRF/SRG SSR, and Nelka Films
Comissioning editors Andreas Schreitmueller (arte Germany) / Manfred Hattendorf (SWR) / Brigitte Ditthard (SWR) / Judith Louis (arte France) / Christine Strobl (ARD Degeto) / Urs Fitze (SRF)

Audience Award, CIFF Ottawa 2017
Best Feature, CIFF Ottawa 2016
Best Thriller, CIFF Ottawa 2016
Best Director, CIFF Ottawa 2016
Best Foreign Film, Florida Movie Festival 2016
Award of Excellence for Best Feature Film, Accolade Global Film Competition 2015
Nominated for 3sat Audience Award, Germany 2015

Festival Screenings
Fernsehfilmfestival Baden-Baden 2015


Date 2015 Produced by Kordes & Kordes Film / arte Germany / arte France / SWR / ARD Degeto / SRF / SRG / SSR Category TV