Is there life after separation? Linda (Marlene Morreis) can hardly imagine being without her husband Fritz (Stephan Kampwirth). The days after the marriage break-up plunge Linda into a rollercoaster ride of emotions. But there is hardly any time for grief, anger and rediscovering her future life, because her three children Tim, Paula and Benni (Jonathan Lade, Lydia Maria Makrides and Leo Pérez-Kallscheuer) have already decided to cut Mama’s separation pain short and want to find her a new partner.
Linda’s best friend Carmen (Anita Vulesica) is also familiar with break-up stories and knows: After the break-up is before the affair! And soon Linda no longer recognises her previously orderly life: she wakes up in a shared flat next to a much younger man, finds herself with a date on a lonely Spree island, crawls through mud and climbs out of windows. Linda’s life has gone off the rails, but what was painful at first increasingly doesn’t feel so bad.

Marlene Morreis / Stephan Kampwirth / Anita Vulesica / Nils Hohenhövel / Kai Ivo Baulitz / Jonathan Lade / Lydia Maria Makrides

Screenplay Hardi Sturm
Casting Anna Slater
DOP Mathias Neumann
Editors Uta Schmidt, Benjamin Hembus
Production Designer Andreas Olshausen
Costume Designer Petra Kilian
Make-up Artists Kerstin Gaecklein, Heiko Schmidt
Original Sound Till Röllinghoff
Sound Design Kirsten Kunhardt
Sound Mix Valentin Finke
Producer Monika Raebel
Production company Odeon Fiction GmbH
Commissioning Editors Barbara Süßmann, Stefan Kruppa
Directed by Anna Justice and Ed Herzog
Date 2022 Produced by Odeon Fiction GmbH