Anna | 18 April 2021

We are in mourning for our mother, whom we have lost far too early. We were able to say goodbye but we miss her enormously.
We so admired her loving, cheerful and generous nature, which we also see reflected in her work. We hope that others also recognize this and find pleasure in it. She truly loved life and her profession, and was passionate about everything that she did. In the process she made many friends whom she kept close in her heart.
Her films are forever, she will not be forgotten. 

Her daughters Lucy and Fiona

Please respect our privacy and we thank you for refraining from any further queries.


Screening Wednesday 24th Oktober 2018 at 20:15h ARD / Das Erste

Showing Matthias Habich, Stephan Kampwirth, Eleonore Weisgerber u. a.

Critical acclaim:
„….what is perhaps most beautiful about this film: the problems are presented clearly, yet the makers refrain from all too clear explanations or rationalizations. Themes are touched like sounds, they open spaces for the viewer. Relationship is music.“
(Rainer Tittelbach; 2.10.2018)

Future screenings:
25.10.18, 00:20 H ARD
28.10.18, 20:15 H ONE
31.10.18, 14:20 H ONE
01.11.18, 07:50 H ONE
03.11.18, 11:20 H

And ARD Mediathek